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The trees in my neighbourhood

Do you know the right location to plant a tree? That's the challenge of this game. Here are four sites you can find in a city: a residential street, a school yard, a public park and a commercial street. For each site, choose from a selection of trees to plant at different locations – but be careful! Trees are not happy just anywhere!

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Is it a tree?

Why are some plants called trees? It depends on whom you ask! Try to identify which plants are trees, according to the classic definition, or according to the new definition proposed by Francis Hallé, a renowned French botanist.

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The fruit of knowledge

Are you very familiar with tree fruits? Oh, and first of all, do all trees bear fruit?

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Trivial pursuit... the plant version!

What is the tallest tree on earth? The thickest? The oldest?

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or listening to what trees have to tell us.

Play now: Dendrochronology

Trees in our daily life

Can you recognize the link that ordinary objects have to trees?

Play now: Trees in our daily life
Drawing of an aerial view of a commercial street

© Jardin botanique de Montréal

Photo of a baobab without leaves

© Roch Fortune

Photo of a coloured mix of tree fruits

© Jacques Brisson

Photo of a 9,550 year old Norway spruce

© Leif Kullman, Professor of Physical Geography, UmeÃ¥ University

Photo of the trunk cutting of a Jack pine, born in 1722

© Jardin botanique de Montréal (Lise Servant)