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Transcription of video clip Trees On Earth, a green story

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Drawing of Earth, seen from space

© Jardin botanique de Montréal
The Earth

420 million years ago, the first trees appeared on Earth.
Since then, they spread almost everywhere.
They cover 30% of soils and comprise nearly 90% of the terrestrial biomass.

Aerial photo of a forest environment

© Tom Lowe,
A forest, seen from above

With trees, the forests appeared, preserving biodiversity, water and soil.
Forests, the home to nearly two-thirds of all living species.

Photo of a Bristlecone pine, at dawn

© Tom Lowe,
A Bristlecone pine, probably centennial

Marie-Victorin said about trees...
"Every tree line marks on the blue sky chart a specific signature that the old Nature, over millions of years, has inscribed on the registry of life...
A signature known, by inheritance, by all beings linked with trees.
Finally, having reached its number of days, the tree disappears and returns to the earth, at the same time that, sap crazy, the next generation rises towards the sun."

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