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Alain Cogliastro

My achievements and anecdotes

Change of scenery, guaranteed!
Multicultural street hockey

Change of scenery, guaranteed!

As part of my research, I had the chance to go on a scientific mission in Gabon. Unfortunately, these rainforests are more savage than ours, and this one dearly defended itself against the Quebec invaders. I broke a finger during a bad fall while attempting to pick up a plant at the bottom of a steep slope. That was a bad plan! Anyway, I at least learned that it's not easy at all to write on a keyboard when one of your fingers is in a cast...

All joking aside, it was a wonderful experience! If you want to see more about our mission in Africa and the raft of the summits, take a look at the little video made by Michel Labrecque: the raft of summits.

Photo of Alain Cogliastro and a colleague, in Gabon

Alain is trying to type on a computer, with a finger in a cast. (© Alain Cogliastro)