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Alain Cogliastro

My research

I try to increase the diversity of tree species in Quebec's southern forests. Not necessarily replicate what was there before, but enrich the structure of these forests. These environments are often populated by opportunistic species, poplars, birches. As for I, I introduce in those forests trees such as sugar maple, oak, ash... And as simply as possible! I must make the most improvements possible using the least human interventions.

I also want to increase the financial value of these woods. That's a more delicate part of my work: the owners are much less willing to allow tree cutting on their land than tree planting! I then explain that this isn't to make toilet paper! Transforming noble wood in floors, cupboards, into products with high added value, it helps small businesses, it creates jobs. Quebec's furniture industry is very dynamic and creative, but all its wood comes from the United States.